Friday, June 22, 2012

Cross Shop

The story is told by the man who complain long and loud to the Lord that the cross he had to carry was to heavy. "Come with me," said the Lord as he took the man to the shop where crosses where made. Here were piled crosses every shape and size.
With an amused smile, the Lord said, "Just you shop  around if you see one you like, take it along."
So the man entered the door , set his cross against the wall and rubbed his hands in glee and chuckled to himself, " This is a chance a lifetime, something I have been waiting for. If I've got to carry a cross anyway, I might as well get one that's not too much of a burden, one that fits me personally."
So he tried this one and that and none suited him.  One was too long and bumped along on the ground. Another was too short and tripped him. One was too heavy and cut into his shoulders. Almost ready to despair, he spied one leaning against the wall. He tried it on for size, walked around with it a bit and then turned to the Lord with a smile and said, "This is IT. This is the one I have been looking for. I'll take it."
So out the door they went and the Lord turned to the cross bearer and said with a smile, "I'm glad you like that one; it's the one you brought in."

-Bruno Hagspiel

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The China Man

A wealthy chinese businessman was now old and wanted to retire, So he called his three sons and told them: "I am not going to divide my business and give it to all three of you, What I want to find out is this: Which of you is the best businessman? So I am going to test the three of you, Whoever wins the test gets the whole business," So the old man gave each of the sons $10, With that money each one was suppose t buy something which would fill a big empty room, The bot who filled the most completely would win, The first boy went out and bought a big leafy tree, He had it cut down and dragged into the room, It filled about half the room, The second young man went out and bought all the kunai grass which some farmers are cutting off their field, They carried it in and filled most of the room, The third boy was the smartest, He went to a small trade store and bought a candle for 25c, In the evening, after dark,e called his father over to the large empty room, He then put the little candle down on the floor in the middle of the room and lighted it,After a minute or so he turned to his father and said, "Dad,can you see any little corner of this room that is not filled by the light of that tiny candle?' The boy won the business
 -Herb Trueblood
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